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Looking to create a one of a kind lollipop?  Let us create it for you! We have 2 different options, Silicone Molded Shape and Sugar Printing.  This set up fee is a one time charge for the Silicone Molded Shape only. Sugar Printing is handled separately from this. This fee starts at $15 and goes up based on Scope of Work and complexity. If this is of interest then reach to us to help guide you thru the process and expectations. This requires a minimum of 50 lollipops to be purchased.  Price of the lollipops is based on weight of the lollipop which is determined after the creation of the mold.   This is non-refundable. We will contact you to discuss all the details before actually creating the mold and moving forward with the project. 


Custom Silicone Molded Shape Set up Fee

  • Our products are made to order.  Orders are processed in 4 to 8 days. Our products are gluten free.  Colors are based on our Signature flavors. 



    • Sugar 
    • Corn Syrup
    • Super Strength Candy Oils
    • Food Safe coloring 

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