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The Creation of Pizazzy Pops!

All great ideas come from brainstorming with friends. One night in the midst of searching for specialty items, the search for a highly sought after image turned out with no success. This then started the wheels turning to created our own molds and produce these items ourselves. We then were looking for molds and other items and found that there really isn't any good options for quality lollipops with gourmet flavors for kids. 

Pizazzy Pops was born from Naughty Pops.  With all the excitement from Naughty Pops received.   We started exploring a new line of products of Family Friendly lollipops! From there we decided to expand our fun flavors and shapes that kids would enjoy. If you have an idea for a custom design, let us know and I bet we can make it come to life for you.  We look to keep up with the Jones or times, however you choose, with Holiday varieties to offer as we have available and quantities maybe limited.

All Items are created under Food Safe Conditions, and our Executive Chef holds several certifications.

This is still a hobby for us and not a full time business. Orders will be processed as quickly as possible, as we make everything to order. Quality, freshness, and excellence is what we strive for each order!!

We also love to hear feed back from each and every customer so we can fulfill all your lolly desires!! 

Food Safety Certifications/Education:
Certified Food Safety Manager ~ CFSM
Certified ServSafe Proctor and Instructor
Certified Food Protection Professional ~ CFPP
Certified Dietary Manager ~ CDM
Culinary Arts Degree ~ Art Institute of Houston

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