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Charity Fur-Raiser!

This is a charity fundraiser special package. 100% of the profits of the sale will go to Town and Country Humane Society in Papillion, Nebraska. These are not intended for animal consumption.


Town & Country Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill shelter run entirely by volunteers serving eastern Nebraska and beyond. We are dedicated to providing a safe and caring living facility for pets in need until a loving home can be found, as well as helpful information for those wishing to re-home or adopt an animal.

Our Story

After recusing  (adopting) our 2 dogs Roxi and Kaci from Town and Country we wanted to do something for them!  Both our dogs had a long hard journey before we saved them.  Both dogs where saved by a foster care network that saved them from a "kill shelter" in Texas.   Kaci our newest addition to our family has has the hardest life.  She was a "bait" dog for dog fighting from an unknown location.  Her mouth was taped shut while other dogs were trained to fight.  Poor Kaci has suffered 2 broken legs and many scars over her body.  

If you simply want to Donate to Town and Country then click below.  If you want some yummy candy and donate then check out our lollipop packages!

You just want to Donate directly to Town and Country?  

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