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These are lollies without tradtional sticks. They make great favors for wedding treats.  This package contains 3 sets, total of 6.  Package contains individually wrapped treats, one ring has a "gem" and the second is a matching band, and the package of 3 all be the same flavor.


We use gourmet quality Isomalt in combination with our flavorings to create our best sugar substitute in creating our Pizazzy Pops.  Our Isomalt Lollipops have approximately 5-6 grams of carb per pop and 0 (zero) net carbs!  Bonus, they only have 10-15 calories and do not promote tooth decay!

Bling-Ring Set ~ SugarFree ~ Pack of 3

  • Our products are made to order.  Orders are processed in 1 to 2 weeks. Our products are gluten free.  Colors are based on our Signature flavors. 



    • Sugar 
    • Corn Syrup
    • Super Strength Candy Oils
    • Food Safe coloring 

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