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All great ideas come from brainstorming with friends. One night in the midst of searching for specialty items, the search for a highly sought after image turned out with no success. This started the wheels turning to created our own molds and produce these items ourselves. We then were looking for molds and other items and found that there really isn't any good options for quality lollipops with gourmet flavors for Adult Themed Party needs. We researched and found standard flavors (Grape or Cherry) and extremely high prices (for lack of) quality products. 

Naughty Pops was born! From there we decided to explore adult themed lollipops right down to our signature naughty flavors! 

  • Do you need a Gag Gift?

  • Do you have a Bachelorette Party coming up?

  • Do you need a White Elephant Gift?

  • Do you like to play pranks you your friends?

  • Do you just have a dirty mind?

Are you over the age of 18?  Items beyond this page are of adult or mature content. We request you to be of legal adult age.  If you get offended easily please don't enter!


  • After Sex Bubble Gum - Pink (Opaque)

  • Apple Bottom - Green (Transparent)

  • Butter UP Butter Rum - Tan (Opaque)

  • Cheesecake Surprise - Cream (Opaque)

  • Cotton Candy Stripper - Blue (Opaque)

  • Hot Orgasm (Cinnamon) - Dark Red  (Transparent)

  • Not My Circus Grape - Purple (Opaque)

  • Pierced Fuzzy Navel -  (Opaque)

  • Smurf Sperm Raspberry - Blue (Opaque)

  • Strawberry Shortcake - Pink  (Transparent)

  • Strip and Go Bananas - Yellow (Opaque)

  • Virgin Mary Cherry - Red (Opaque)

  • Watermelon Panties - Pink  (Transparent)

  • Wild Root beer - Brown (Opaque)

  • Midnight Mystery - Any color, Any flavor...  We don't really know what it is! 

  • Kinky Karamel - Brown - (Opaque)

  • Porno for Pineapple - Yellow (Transparent)

  • Jiggilo Mango - Clear Green - (Transparent)

Naughty pops products are amazing! We bought some for a bachelorette party and they were not only actually really tasty, they look amazing! I highly recommend. 


Christina - GA

The penis pops are amazing!! The pops look great and the unique flavors had all of the girls at the bachelorette party blushing. Shipping was also very quick and sellers was very friendly and quick to answer my questions. I definitely recommend!


Andrea - FL

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