This is a fundraiser!  All proceeds go to Kinko the Clown! 



Naughty - Bourbon Fire (Smokey bourbon flavor with a dash of cinnamon for a little zest!)

Nice - Orange Cream  

Naughty and Nice - One of each flavor lollipop. 

Color: Orange for Kinko!


Package contains 2 individually wrapped Lollipops.


About Kinko the Clown


Kinko the Klown, aka Kevin Burns Kinko is known as the life of the party, the comedian; the good-hearted sole that will go out of his way to make you laugh or listen to your problem. He has been known to give the shirt off his back or his last dime to those in need, without any desire to get it back. He just prefers to pay it forward in life. He is a father, best friend, boyfriend, the backbone of Hellfire Radio’s Horror Cult and so much more. Everyone that Kinko encounters just falls in love with him.  He is the type of human that we all strive to be, and we are so fortunate to have him in our life. We have seen some dark times and still come out of it laughing. On the morning of July 6, 2020 his life was changed forever. It started like a normal Monday morning after a long holiday and having to go back to work. He was on break with his friends and co-workers when he complained about a headache. This is a headache he had been having for about a week due some unresolved personal stress in his life. His friend Kaisle convinced him to head home and rest but at the last minute decided to walk him to the car and drive him home. On the walk to the car Kinko’s speech began to change and paralysis started to set in on his right side. Kaisle rushed Kinko to the closest hospital.  The hospital staff was fighting an uphill battle, along with the stroke that was happening, Kinko also suffers from Hemophilia B with a factor 9 deficiency. The determined that he had a bleed in the left side of his brain and air lifted him to Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee. Once there doctors were able to get the bleed under control and preformed surgery to remove a lemon size blood clot in his brain. He stayed heavily sedated and asleep for about a week before he finally started to wake up. Now that he is awake there has been some progress in recovery but also some setbacks. His vocabulary is minimal with about 10 words, but he can say his name “Kevin”. When asked questions he can respond but doctors are not 100% sure if its understanding or repetition. He will remain in ICU until his brain pressure is under control and they can safely remove the brain drain. Therapy is working with him and has him on a soft diet, but he needs help to eat. Kinko aka Kevin means the world to us and so does his recovery.  It is an incredibly long road with bumps and twists, maybe even some potholes, but we are standing strong by his side for the fight. 

Kinko Chicken Lollipop ~Fundraiser~

Kinko Flavors
  • Our products are made to order.  Orders are processed in 4 to 8 days. Our products are gluten free.  Colors are based on our Signature flavors. 



    • Sugar 
    • Corn Syrup
    • Super Strength Candy Oils
    • Food Safe coloring 

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